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What you resist will persist, face what you are feeling head on, it can also give you a sense of control. Understanding triggers can help you navigate them. Which environments and scenarios increase your stress and anxiety? Generalized anxiety can cause distress in various areas of the body and sometimes the thought of getting through the day is overwhelming. There are also social anxieties, specific phobias and separation anxieties. You can have more than one type and they can come on suddenly or gradually. Some anxieties result from medical conditions and need treatment. Whatever form of anxiety you have, relaxation...

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After decades of learning trial by error, there came a chronic crisis crossroads. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I learned my body had been a sensitive sponge to various toxins that were stirring up a lot of symptoms over the years. I had been harboring late stage Lyme disease, mold toxins, heavy metals and more. I began doing the work to become my best advocate. I dove into turning over every stone to find root causes and subsequent holistic healing remedies. I chose the path of radical nutritional and lifestyle transformation and have been thriving ever since. I have...

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Are you having trouble sleeping? We spend the majority of our life sleeping and it's a foundational pillar of health, so it's definitely an area we need to give focus. Sleep issues present in a variety of ways and can be caused by many different things, there really isn’t a simple answer to sleep issues. Each individual really needs an individual approach. However, there are a few general suggestions I would make, along with some questions to better guide you towards discovery of possible root causes. Remember, improving sleep takes time and consistency, be patient and commit to a healthy sleep...

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