Reduce Anxiety And Stress

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Reduce Anxiety And Stress

What you resist will persist, face what you are feeling head on, it can also give you a sense of control. Understanding triggers can help you navigate them. Which environments and scenarios increase your stress and anxiety? Generalized anxiety can cause distress in various areas of the body and sometimes the thought of getting through the day is overwhelming. There are also social anxieties, specific phobias and separation anxieties. You can have more than one type and they can come on suddenly or gradually. Some anxieties result from medical conditions and need treatment. Whatever form of anxiety you have, relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, exercise and alternative treatments can help. 

Turning to nature often provides the shift(s) we need. Use your senses to hear, see, touch and smell. Reconsider how you view the passing of light each day. Look for the dancing shadows when the sun emerges filtered through the trees. Komorebi, is a Japanese word whose meaning closely translates to “the sunlight shining through the trees”. Let the light rays bring special meaning to your moments. The following practices offer natural ways to reduce anxiety and, furthermore, strengthen your connection to the four elements of nature:

  1. Fire: Candle Gazing, Trataka
  2. Air: Breathwork
  3. Earth: Grounding/Earthing
  4. Water: Salt baths [pic collage]

Before we continue, let’s pause for a Body Scan, a popular meditation strategy to help soothe anxiety. Body scanning helps break the cycle of physical and psychological tension that can get stuck in a loop:

  • Get comfortable, preferably lying down 
  • Take deep, slow breaths
  • Gently scan, head to toe, slowly observing sensations or tension
  • Soften your jaw and facial muscles
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Notice if you are holding any tension or if your breath is getting caught
  • Breath into the tension and release it, visualize it leaving your body
  • Feel your body connect with the ground beneath you

A healthy body, rooted in nature and free from deficiencies, will have a quicker recovery from the physical and emotional stress of anxiety. Deficiencies may be the cause of tension or dis-ease which can present in a variety of ways throughout the body. Let's identify your deficiencies so we can select supplements that work to fill up nutrient levels playing a part in the physiological responses to anxiety and stress.

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