The 5 Elements And You

I am passionate about helping beings reconnect and come into balance with nature. Mother Nature has provided healing resources that have been discovered and used by Herbalists for thousands of years. It is my goal to help you align with the ones that can support your body systems function as intended. Identifying and digging into root causes for the areas of dis-ease calling out for nurturing is the beginning of a healing journey. The healing journey is multi-layered and non-linear. It is helpful to have support and guidance through this journey. I am here to offer that support and guidance as you step into becoming your own self-healer.

To make mindful choices for a healthy mind-body-spirit connection. I focus on education and empowerment of holistic lifestyle improvements and herbal remedies to help you achieve individualized optimum health.

Consider these 5 elements. How do your daily habits contribute to each category? Which ones do you focus on the most? Which ones do not get much consideration?

Earth - diet (consumption by body and mind), shelter

Water - hydration, emotions

Air - breath, thoughts, sleep

Fire - exercise (physical and mental)

Ether - spirituality, purpose

We can work together to open up, beyond the limiting beliefs, and find your radiant heart within.

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