Transform with a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner [FNTP]

Are you looking to reconnect or deepen your connection with Mother Nature to support your unique body as you journey towards optimal health?

Do you ever feel like being "healthy" is harder than it should be?

Does it feel like your body has been taken over and you are spiraling out of control?

Have you felt the immobilizing fear of a terrifying diagnosis?

No matter where you are starting from, we can work together to find a personalized plan for your bio-individual healing journey. You do not need to travel this road alone. Based on your health history and current symptom burden load, we will customize a tailored approach via properly prepared, nutrient dense whole foods diet along with lifestyle recommendations to support your true nature. 

We all deserve to feel aligned and thrive, it is in our nature!

The body communicates with sensations and symptoms, therefore we must approach the nervous system and your body's needs through your specific biofeedback. The Functional Clinical Assessment (FCA) allows us to do exactly that, prioritize support for the organs calling out for help. In addition, we can tune into your body's responses to explore food sensitivities and nutrient supplements.

Reach out if you are interested in scheduling a discovery call with me to determine if Functional Nutritional Therapy is a good fit for you and your health goals. 


Establish care to take control of your nutrition and lifestyle! Determine root causes, and enjoy the journey to optimum health by working 1:1 with a Certified Herbalist and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner!

Contact me for pricing and availability. 

Discovery Call 

(duration: 20 minutes) $20

Are you looking to incorporate Herbalism and/or Functional Nutritional Therapy into your healing journey? let's connect for a 20 minute Discovery call and see if we would be a good fit to work together. Ask me any questions you have about becoming a client.

Support: Initial Consultation 

(duration: 90 minutes)

I'm thrilled that you have decided to partner up with me to optimize your health! I look forward to going through your intake paperwork and meeting to review your health history, current concerns and health goals. 

Alignment: Recommendations 

(duration: 60 minutes)

The beginning of a beautiful new toolbox of various diet and lifestyle shifts that will be supportive to your bio-individuality! Many tools offered, however, new habits are best started one at a time, small manageable doses of each change until you feel space has been created to choose another without adding stress. You got this!

Intuition: Follow Up 

(duration: 60 minutes)

Trust your gut and listen to your heart! You already know inside, so let's go through it. How are the new habits going? Does something feel challenging? Are you looking for more? Deepen your connection to self, honor those signals you are getting. I will hold space for your evolution and transformation as I offer guidance to your needs along.

Initial FCA: Functional Clinical Assessment 

(duration: 90 minutes)

This valuable biofeedback hands on tool allows us to check in with the inflammation and stress that each organ is dealing with. We can prioritize your body's needs for support, and check which herbs or supplements your body responds to beneficially by using the innate wisdom that your body is always communicating in your energy field. This ends up saving the client time and money when they don't need to try a supplement we theorize would be helpful and give it a month to see if it really helped. We can start your plan with therapeutic choices that your body has already confirmed will be helpful. We can even check food sensitivities, so if you've been curious about whether you body actually likes or tolerates a certain food, bring it to you appt! Also be sure to bring a water bottle of the water you typically drink at home.

Check In FCA 

(duration: 60 minutes)

You're well on your way and as our body heals, our needs begin to shift. Is it time to update your herbs and or supplements? Are you curious about a different food that you may be reacting to? Let's check in with your body and see what the innate wisdom is communicating now.


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